Application Requirements:

  • Currently a sophomore or junior;
  • Sophomores should complete Algebra II/Trig. or higher by the end of the current school year;
  • Juniors should complete Functions/Trig or Functions/Analytic Geometry or higher by the end of the current school year; 
  • Successfully completed Biology (Pre-AP, pre-IBDP, or IGCSE level);
  • Successfully completed or currently enrolled in Chemistry (Pre-AP, pre-IBDP, or IGCSE)
  • Current PSAT or SAT scores
Application Components:
  • Student Portfolio;
  • Research Project (Completed Project);
  • Research or Study Experience;
  • Academic Essay;
  • Recommendations. 
Completing the form below will provide notification of your intent to apply and give you access to download the application.

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